About Us

Fresh & Fancy Family. Making handmade goat milk soap and lotion in Millington, Maryland.

How did we get started?

People often ask how we got started making goat milk soap and lotion. The answer is simple - it was out of necessity. We had to close our construction company, due to the economic downturn along with my husband’s health issues. Depleting our savings and losing our home, we were struggling to survive. Having experience in raising goats we decided we would teach ourselves to make soap using milk from our dairy goats. We were pleasantly surprised to discover how good goat milk is for your skin. 

 Things are always better fresh from the farm. Making soap from our goats’ milk and discovering all the benefits and qualities goat milk has to offer, makes our work all worthwhile. Milking goats and making  goat milk soap and lotion is a fun and exciting business for us. Each batch of soap and lotion is handmade with great care creating “udderly amazing" products.

 From sunrise to sunset we work hard to create quality goat milk soap and lotion.We milk our herd of dairy goats everyday twice a day.  Our daily chores also consist of feeding and caring for our animals on the farm. Growing and harvesting alfalfa hay for the goats also takes place here on our small farm.  Milking goats and making goat milk soap and lotion is hard work and never ending but we enjoy what we do.